Breast Reconstruction Surgery Before and After Photos

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What You Need to Know about Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Breast cancer can lead to life long scars that a woman has to carry all her life, both emotionally and physically. Advancements and breakthroughs in the medical field have increased survival rates with considerable help from increasing awareness and early detection and diagnosis. A lot of these survivors who have lost one or both their breasts to mastectomy, choose to undergo the procedure of breast reconstruction in order to re-connect with their prior selves and get on with their lives as before. They see this surgery as a symbol for the reclamation of their lives and celebration of their womanhood.

Breast reconstruction surgery involves the construction of new breasts for breast cancer survivors who have undergone mastectomy or radiation as well as women with certain genetic disorders that require such surgeries.

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Breast Reconstruction Surgery Before and After Photos Orange County

Breast reconstruction procedure

Cancer patients who are undergoing a mastectomy have the option of getting a breast reconstruction surgery at the same time or have a separate reconstructive surgery a few months after the mastectomy.

During the reconstruction procedure, the patient is under the influence of general anesthesia. Then the surgeon may proceeds either with the flap technique or tissue expansion for implantation required for remaking the breasts.

The flap technique is used when the mastectomy and radiation have not left enough tissue on the chest and hence prove insufficient for providing adequate support for the implants. Fat, skin and muscle from the patient’s own lower abdomen or buttocks is extracted to build a breast mound or to cover it. New and improved flap techniques include deep inferior epigastric perforator also known as DIEP and transverse myocutaneous gracilis also known as TMG.

Tissue expansion as the name suggests stretches or expands healthy and good quality skin of the chest through the use of an expander surgically placed in the area. This procedure requires comparatively less healing time that the flap technique but is more time consuming and may require two surgeries.

Breast implants, either saline or silicone are used in conjunction with the flap technique or can be a stand alone treatment. The consulting surgeon is the person who will help you make the right decision regarding the ideal solution for you.

Dr. Farbod Esmailian is one of the most renowned breast reconstruction specialist in Orange County, California. Understanding the trauma of being a cancer patient and the health factors that have to be taken into account for these surgeries, he collaborates with your oncologist to decide on the best course of action for you without jeopardizing your health and life. He has had extensive experience with the use of the advanced flap techniques and other methods in order to deliver the best possible results.

Candidates for breast reconstruction surgery

Breast reconstruction surgery is a highly personal choice and the decision to go for one should ideally be based on your own desire to re-connect with yourself and get emotionally healed. Going through a reconstruction surgery is not easy especially after the pain and trauma of the cancer treatment. It should only be undertaken if you have been able to handle your illness with a positive attitude, have no other medical conditions and are reasonable about the results of the breast reconstruction surgery. You can ask your surgeon for before and after breast reconstruction photos to get a clear idea of the results. Any surgeon who has experience in handling such surgeries or breast augmentation surgeries is ideal.

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Breast Reduction Before and After Photos – Orange County

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How Breast Reduction Surgery Can Help You

Breast reduction surgery is a surgical procedure that removes extra skin, tissue and fat from the breasts. Also known as reduction mammoplasty, this surgery helps women with a condition called macromastia, that is, enlarged breasts. Macromastia has a huge impact on the life of women. Some of the most common symptoms include:

  • Constant neck, shoulder and back pain
  • Hanging breasts with nipples pointing downwards
  • A tingling sensation or numbness in the hands
  • Bad posture
  • Pain in the chest wall
  • Skin rashes in the areas under and between the breasts
  • Headaches
  • Breathlessness
  • Deep bra strap marks on the shoulders

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These symptoms also make it difficult for women to indulge in physical activities leading to a real chance of developing obesity. Macromastia affects self confidence and can have impact on the emotional well being of a person.

Women facing these problems are the right candidates for breast reduction surgery. Dr. Farbod Esmailian is a cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon of the highest repute in the area of Orange County, California. He specializes in breast related surgeries including breast augmentation, reconstruction, reduction, breast lift, etc. He has assisted many women to turn their lives around and be in a happier and more satisfied emotional and physical space. He has vast experience of working with women suffering from macromastia and has helped them achieve a painless life. He can also be consulted for breast reduction surgeries for aesthetic purposes.

The procedure

Breast reduction surgery involves the administration of general anesthesia and is performed as an outpatient or in-house procedure. The surgeon makes a number of incisions in the area of the breasts in order to remove extra fat, skin and tissue from within. Patients in consultation with the surgeon have the option of choosing from three kinds of incisions that are made for this kind of a surgery.

  • Incision along circumference of the areola in a circular pattern
  • Incision that is anchor shaped
  • Incision that is keyhole shaped or racquet shaped – around the areola, moving down towards the breast crease.

Liposuction is used at this stage if there is an excess amount of fat in the breasts. The surgeon then positions the areola and the nipple a little higher while lifting the breasts before the final sutures.

Dr. Esmailian consults with the patient regarding their medical history, lifestyle and surgery goals along with making a thorough examination of the breast tissue, composition, shape, size, quality of skin, etc. before customizing the breast reduction surgery. You can also ask him for before and after photographs of the surgery so that you can get some idea of how your breasts will look after the surgery.

Recovery after the surgery

At the conclusion of the surgery that can take up to two to five hours or more depending on each individual case, the surgeon puts a special kind of gauze and bandage over the breasts. Thin tubes to drain extra fluids and blood are placed under each of the arms. The patients usually feel pain, discomfort and sensitivity along with swelling for a couple of weeks after the surgery but that is normal. Patients are also given a surgical bra that they have to wear for the period of recovery. Though patients can return home the same day or the next day, recovery is assisted with the help of medication and pain killers besides the regular follow ups that are scheduled with the doctor. The final results of the surgery and complete healing takes a long time, most patients are able to return to their normal lives after approximately six weeks.

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Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos – Orange County

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Why Opt for Breast Augmentation

Also known as augmentation mammoplasty, breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that involves the placement of implants either saline or silicone for the purpose of increasing the size and fullness of the breasts, enhance their projection or to improve their symmetry.

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Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos   Orange County Orange County


Objective of breast augmentation

Women undergo surgeries for breast augmentation for the following reasons:

  • To improve symmetry in breasts that are of perceptibly different sizes
  • Increase volume in the breasts after considerable weight loss or pregnancy
  • Increase the size of the breasts that are small due to hereditary reasons
  • Reconstruction of mangled breasts after undergoing mastectomy
  • For the enhancement of self image and confidence

Each of these reasons and objectives are different and the decision to have a breast augmentation surgery is very subjective and personal. Surgeons play a key role in helping women decide the best course of action depending on factors like body weight, type, skin elasticity, age, purpose, etc.

Dr. Farbod Esmailian is a double board certified cosmetic surgeon of great repute and has worked on numerous breast augmentation surgeries that have different objectives. He is an expert in customizing these surgeries to suit the requirements of the patient without taking any risks.

Types of breast implants

There are two kinds of implants available for the augmentation procedure:

  • Saline – silicone shells that contain sterile salt water
  • Silicone – silicone shells that contain plastic gel or silicone

These implants are available in different sizes, textures, profiles and shapes to achieve the specific end results that vary with each patient. The increase in the size of the breasts is not measured by bra sizes or cup sizes but by cubic centimeters.

Dr. Esmailian and his team of medical professionals can help you make the right decision regarding the kind of implant you should opt for in order to achieve the best possible results.

The procedure

Breast augmentation surgeries usually take about a couple of hours but may vary depending on specific cases. The patient is operated under the influence of general anesthesia or intravenous sedatives.

For the purpose of inserting the chosen implants, the surgeon has to first make an incision in an obscure part of the body for the aesthetic purpose of minimizing visual scars. There are four basic kinds of incisions used for this surgery and its choice depends on the patient in consultation with the surgeon.

  • Inframammary incision – below the curve of the breast
  • Periareolar incision – along the lower half of the areolas
  • Transaxillary incision – near the underarms
  • Iransumblical incision – near the naval area

After the incision has been made, the implants are then placed either beneath the chest muscle (submuscular placement) or in between the breast tissue and the chest muscle (submammary placement).

The incisions are then sealed with the help of sutures, surgical tape or skin adhesive.

Best practice

It is crucial to consult a qualified and highly experienced cosmetic surgeon before making the decision about breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction. The expert discuses with you about your desired end result and helps you decide on the correct kind of implants and the right course of action depending on your specific case and relevant health factors. You can even as your surgeon to show you before and after photographs of previous breast augmentation surgeries performed by him/her to get a better idea of the results.

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Breast Lift Before and After Photos – Orange County

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Firm Up Your Breast with a Breast Lift

With growing age, most women start complaining about drooping breast. Sagging breasts end up giving an old appearance to a woman’s body. But this problem can be solved with the help of a breast lift surgery. This procedure is also known as mastopexy. In this surgical procedure, droopy breasts are enhanced to give the appearance of younger looking, perky breasts.

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Breast Lift Before and After Photos   Orange County Orange County


Who is eligible for it?

Drooping breasts are a result of a condition called ‘ptosis’. However growing age is not the only factor responsible for this condition. There are several other reasons like weight loss, breastfeeding, pregnancy and heredity that can cause it. Apart from breast augmentation and breast implants, breast lift is also quite popular among women, specially the older ones.

This surgery is suitable for any woman who has saggy breasts and wants to make them look firm. But the woman also needs to be in good medical condition to ensure that there are no complications while or after performing this surgery. Dr. Farbod Esmailian, who is certified plastic surgeon in Orange County, advises that those women planning to be a part of substantial weight loss program or those who are pregnant should wait before opting for this surgery as these factors can influence the appearance of breasts. Dr Esmailian has performed many breast reduction and breast lift surgeries.

One simple way of analyzing whether you need a breast lift surgery or not is to place a pen under the crease of your breast. If you notice the pen being held in place by sagging tissues, even when you do not hold the pen with your hands, a breast lift surgery can help you in firming them up.

Talk to your surgeon

Your plastic surgeon can help you out by giving you all the important information that you need to know about the surgery. This includes, what will happen during the surgery as well as before and after it. How you look after you breasts after the treatment is very essential too, so have a detailed discussion with your cosmetic surgeon to clear off all your doubts regarding the procedure.  Your surgeon can even show you before and after breast lift photographs which will help you in determining whether you actually need to undergo the procedure or not. It will show you what kind of results you can expect from the surgery and if they suit your demands, you can go for the procedure.

Different kinds of breast lift procedures

There are different kinds of breast lift surgeries which are differentiated by the kind of incision pattern used for each one. The Lollipop Lift is the one for women with moderately droopy breasts. If you have mild or moderately sagging breasts, you can opt for the Donut Lift. Women with extremely saggy breasts can consider the Inverted T Lift, also known as Anchor Incision. The Crescent Lift is for those who also want a breast augmentation surgery while firming their moderately droopy breasts.

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