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Breast Reconstruction  Orange CountyRecent advances in breast cancer treatment, coupled with increased awareness and earlier detection through screening, have all contributed to an increase in breast cancer survival rates over the last ten years. According to the American Cancer Society, there are more than 2.9 million breast cancer survivors in the United States at the present time. Many of these breast cancer survivors are electing to undergo reconstructive procedures in an effort to restore the look and feel of their breasts after breast cancer treatment.

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Breast reconstruction surgery is performed to surgically recreate authentic-looking breasts for breast cancer patients who have undergone a mastectomy or radiation therapy, or for individuals who have a genetic condition requiring reconstructive breast surgery. Many patients have expressed that reconstructive breast surgery provides a sense of closure after the harrowing ordeal of dealing with a physical illness such as breast cancer, and that breast reconstruction can help patients to see themselves as they were before their illness.


Patients undergoing breast reconstruction after mastectomy have the option of an immediate reconstruction (performed at the same time as the mastectomy), or a delayed reconstruction (performed months after the mastectomy). At our plastic surgery practice, located in Orange County, California, Dr. Farbod Esmailian, M.D. specializes in recreating natural-looking breasts, and tailors his treatment approach to reflect your surgical goals, your medical history, and your unique aesthetic preferences. Dr. Esmailian has worked extensively with breast cancer survivors, and understands the importance of fostering collaborative partnerships with his patients’ surgical oncology teams, in order to ensure that the breast reconstruction is in alignment with the primary cancer treatment plan.

Dr. Esmailian is highly experienced performing a variety of breast reconstruction techniques, including the latest and most cutting edge procedures, such as the deep inferio epigastric perforator (DIEP), and the transverse myocutaneous gracilis (TMG) flaps. Reconstructive flap techniques are utilized when a mastectomy or radiation therapy does not leave enough breast tissue to support a breast implant. Flap procedures involve the repositioning of a woman’s own fat, skin, and muscle (often taken from the abdomen or buttocks) to create and/or cover the breast mound. After assessing your anatomy, overall health, clinical situation, and personal preferences, Dr. Esmailian will select the appropriate reconstructive procedure to ensure optimal surgical results.

Following your reconstructive flap surgery, and/or the insertion of a breast implant, Dr. Esmailian will apply gauze or bandages to your incisions. A support bra will be provided to minimize swelling and to support the newly reconstructed breast, and a temporary drain may be placed under the skin to eliminate excess blood or fluid.


During your initial consultation Dr. Esmailian will assess your current state of health and review your medical history in order to determine if breast reconstruction surgery is an appropriate option for you at the present time. If necessary, he will work in partnership with your oncology team, and will take every precaution to ensure that your breast reconstruction surgery is both safe and successful.

Dr. Esmailian treats every patient with the utmost respect and dignity, utilizing the most advanced surgical equipment and techniques in order to minimize your discomfort, maximize your safety, and lessen your recovery time, thereby enabling you to return to your busy schedule as quickly as possible.  If you would like more information about breast reconstruction surgery, please contact FE Plastic Surgery today. We are happy to answer any and all of your questions, and to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Esmailian.